csa week 6

A special thank you to those that did a little rain dance, we got over an inch last week.  the plants are responding well; soaking up that water to make more cells for girth and to send them into the next stage of life.  During my weekly walk about today I saw some baby summer squash forming as well as some broccoli florets forming.  I feel like once I get to strawberries week,  the shares start to fill up with more diversity, in other words: spring is turning into summer!

A little about lettuce: I intend to grow lettuce all 4 seasons, and always have a bed to work off of.  This week I’ll be putting shade cloth on the newer beds and with consistent irrigation they maintain a crispness without the bitterness of  summer lettuce.  This is not to say you’ll get it every week, but it is a staple at blue hour farm and I get rave reviews from my market customers.

I’m offering prorated csa shares. If you know anyone who might be interested please pass along my info. Cheers, Grant

In this weeks share:


sugar snap peas



collard greens or chard

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