We Proudly Present CSA 2019

Valued  Blue Hour Farm CSA members and prospective members-


As I am writing this all of my brassicas are stretching out under lights and I am thinking about this upcoming CSA season with anticipation and excitement.


This years CSA is $550 per share for the season from May 12-October 27th, 24 weeks. This is about $23  worth of produce a week, but during peak season, you will see more value in each CSA bag. If you cook at home the share feeds 2-4 humans.  I strive to fill a share with the freshest, cleanest and most healthful organic produce possible. My CSA gets first pickings, market gets 2nd pickings then I sell exclusively to The Owlery restaurant.


As a small farmer I”m so appreciative of your share commitment  The start of the season is full of cost including: compost, seeds and starts, irrigation equipment, trellising equipment, amendments and minerals, packaging, row cover, taxes and loan payment, etc.  


I have recently been building  a website and each week it will tell you what is in your share on tuesday evenings.  Occasionally, I will also share some farm news. Please visit at our new website www.bluehourfarm.com.  It is still a work in progress so excuse the typos and simple content.


I look forward to hearing from you – Please respond to this email and mail a check or stop by our winter market table on Saturdays to sign up for your 2019 CSA with Blue Hour Farm. It would be great to have your share money by mid april, but a confirmation of commitment will reserve a spot for you


Please make checks payable to

Blue Hour Farm

924 w. 6th st

Bloomington, IN  47404

* Please let us know which pick up location you prefer


Pick up locations are :

Our front  porch at 924 W. 6th st on Wednesday(after 3) or Saturday(all day)

The Market on Saturdays

An office on the wet side near the ymca

Or at the farm Wednesday or Friday evenings


I’m looking to increase membership this year so please mention, or forward,  this email to a friend or coworker. Current members continue to be my best sales people.



Grant Pershing


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