2020 Wow ! what a year! overall we grew and sold more food than ever before, but it was definitely a hustle.

As the year began we were having serious misgivings about selling at the city market as we had many years previously because of the city’s unwillingness to remove the white nationalist vendor from the market. Then the pandemic began , Molly was out of work for 2 months and it became even more clear that we would not be selling at the market in 2020. We still had lots of food to sell so we began to directly email our CSA members, friends and any one we thought might be interested in purchasing food directly. In the early spring we were able to sell quite a bit of food doing a pre order email from our front porch. Our CSA began in mid May and we expanded our members to 35. We were also able to do a mini 8 week CSA in the fall for about 25 members lasting until mid December.

Mother Hubbards Cupboard – in previous years we would donate a CSA share to the Hub for auction at their annual fundraiser and donated extra veggies whenever we had them, but this year we deepened our relationship and began selling directly to Mother Hubbards’ Cupboard. The Hub is an excellent organization who are not only committed to feeding the Bloomington community but also focused on changing the larger system of food insecurity.

We Love that so many farm stands popped up all over town, each neighborhood seemed to have one. Blue Hour Farm had an on farm stand on Fridays and a Saturday farm stand with our good friend, Boobi Boos of Martin Hallow farm, in the Near west neighborhood where we live.

Although we don’t know how to talk about it appropriately. We can not give an overview of 2020 without mention of George Floyd’s murder and the justice uprising that has followed We have both worked this year to become more educated and to deeply analyze our own white privilege.

Black Lives Matter now and always.

We Could not have gotten through this year without the people who work with us on the farm, our fellow farmers , Jacob Schumacher , Amy Calloway, Katie Navotny, and Ben Myers.

We are beginning this New Year, 2021 with hope, hope the weather will be on our side, hope we can all be vaccinated, that justice will prevail, that the seeds will germinate , our loved ones will be healthy, our backs hold up, and the pollinators are abundant.

Grant and Molly

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