My name is Grant Pershing. When I was 25 years old I began touring with bands playing the drums. I traveled all over the country criss crossing the United Sates from ocean to ocean about 7-8 times, this lasted about 5 years. The 45 minutes we played each night was really exciting but the ennui of the interstates was never-ending. The best times I can remember was when we would travel back roads and really see the country. Getting out of the sweat box of a van and taking things in. I recall the phosphorescent waters of South Florida, the deserts of New Mexico and the moist and mossy forests of the Northwest. I suppose what I’m saying is that the natural world is something I always gravitated towards as a healing and humbling force.

When I tuned 30 I traded in the rhythm of my drums and began living by the rhythm of the seasons. I began working at a flower farm in eastern Greene County, Indiana. This was one of the most important experiences in farming, learning not only techniques but an overall philosophy that would carry on to this day. After flowers I struck out on on my own, literally, trying and failing to grow vegetables. I soon met people that worked at Life Farm and joined the crew. Life taught me skills to work a larger scale organic vegetable farm. Unfortunately Life Farm folded. I ended up at Freedom Valley Farm learning some season extension and winter growing.

By the time I turned 40 I was anxious to get going on my own project. While looking and considering my limited options, a 3.3 acre piece of property fell into my lap in July 2015. This became Blue Hour Farm. I secured a small farm loan from the USDA, bought a walk behind tractor, a hoophouse and some other random equipment. I began planting for the late fall and winter of 2015.

As the manager and philosophic leader of Blue Hour Farm I intend to build the soil to optimal levels in order to provide the optimal health of the food. I intend to treat the earth with care and live within the cycles or the natural world. Finally I intend to watch the sunset turn into the blue hour as much as possible. Because, after all, the end of a circle looks very familiar.

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