csa week 12

greetings fellow local food enthusiasts.  This week was a little hot.  My workhorse tool is a BCS walk behind tractor, it is a light weight 12 hp honda engine developed by small farmers in Europe,  it really fits my scale.  With pto driven attachments of a rotary plow(to make raised beds) a flail mower(to grind up previous crop residue) and a tiller it performs all the bed making and cover crop incorporation that my farm needs without a ton of hand word, initially.  unfortunately this week my clutch gave out, I think.  Anyway because it is such a specialized tool I have to take it to a dealer in Salem, Indiana to have it fixed.  So I’m making the trip tomorrow hoping they can fix it and I can bring it home in the same day.  Enough dark news.

Saturday, instead of going to the market, Molly and I spent some time planting 5-100ft beds of red cabbage, broccoli, two kinds of green cabbage, cauliflower and brussel sprouts for the fall. As for now the tomatoes are doing great, you’ll start seeing some cherry toms this week.  The onions are coming out of the field to cure and I dug my first potatoes.

this weeks share:

green cabbage

1 pint of small red onions

2 cukes

2 yellow squash

1 pint cherry tomatoes

1 bunch chard

1 garlic

1.5# red norland potatoes


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