csa week 12

greetings members ti week 12 of our seasonal adventure into local food, weeds and crops are growing like crazy in this mid summer heat.  this week you will be getting tomatoes grown in my 30 by 72 ft. hoophouse.  they grow up strings attached by little hooks. when they reach the top of the trellis I “lower and lean” them, This consists of using the string to guide them sideways until the growing blossom reaches the trellis again, I repeat this all season, extending into late September (hopefully). I’ve seen some tomatoes grow about 30 ft long using this method.

Ben, who helps out on the farm, made a dip out of his yellow squash.  Boil it till really soft put in blender with garlic, yogurt and spices… eat

this week

heirloom tomatoes



peppers sweet and cayenne


yellow squash


red norland potatoes




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